Why use an agent?

You’re selling your home, you’ve seen the old, red “For Sale” signs on just about every for sale property in the past. This is outdated and won’t get your home or property sold as quickly as you’re hoping, thus losing you valuable time and money. To make a substantial profit, you need to partner with a trusted real estate agent so you can list at the right price.

We get it; no one knows all of the tricks of every trade. When you work with Metro Mark you can leave it to us, we see the market and are here to help you with price guidance and learning the value of your property. As well as knowing the property, we also know the neighborhood.

We've been buying and selling real estate in the OKC metro area since 1985, and we know the value of your neighborhood and our community.

Your agent is your buffer if you’ve never sold a property, and even if you’re a seasoned pro, you still need someone on your side to connect with potential buyers, be available to them at all times and answer any and all questions they will have. Your home or property also has to appeal to a buyer from the curb to the cleanliness and furniture placement. Our agents are trained to delight your potential buyers and to highlight your properties’ strong suits while being honest and trustworthy. We know just how to assure your buyers love your property.

The presentation is everything, and even if as a team we ace it, but the buyer doesn’t pan out to be perfect, we utilize every tool possible to guarantee more potential leads. Our real estate agents work within the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, to assure that every prospective buyer sees your property.  

At Metro Mark, we get you more buyer exposure for less. 

We speed up closing time. Our goal is to work for you to get your property sold. We're here for everything from the big things to the little ones. We accurately fill out paperwork every day and are pros at catching small things that could be missed and speeding up the real estate process while making it more efficient. 

Why Metro Mark?

We cut through the clutter to sell your home quickly and efficiently. Get one of our professional agents volleying on your side. With over 30 years of experience, we handle negotiations, so you don't have to. Kick back, unwind, and let our qualified, professional agents take it from here with nothing but smooth "selling" ahead.