Why use an agent?

To put it simply, we know what to look for when helping you find your dream home. We work for you, and with you, to look out for your best interests. Buying a home is a significant step, and one that should be taken with care and caution, when you work with Metro Mark, we work to protect your investment and guide you through the complicated buying process. We do everything from negotiating a price best suited for you, to leading and navigating home inspections.

We work with the amount you want to spend, your ideal location, and any extra features you want and navigate you towards your otherwise hidden treasure. Are you looking for a newly renovated place with mid-century styling? We can make it happen. Or, are you looking for a modern home with freshly updated security features and Wi-Fi capabilities? We will find it for you. We utilize the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, to assure we see every listing in your budget.

We handle the paperwork navigation and everything that comes with it. All real estate transactions come with a mountain of regulations, red tape, and paperwork. The average closing paperwork for a property in an inch to three inches thick. If any mistakes happen, the buyer and seller could be in trouble. We make sure this goes efficiently and smoothly. Our goal is to speed up closing time so you can move on and move in.

When purchasing your first home, there is a lot to navigate, having reliable, capable help on your side makes a difference in the long run. We know this is one of the most significant purchases you'll make, and we know how seriously you take finding your new home. We're here for you through every part of your home buying journey to make everything clear, concise, and most importantly, safe.

Why Metro Mark?

We’re independently owned and operated out of Nichols Hills in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We’re not a large corporation, we live in this community and work to better it by employing locally and loyally serving the entire metro area. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we know the market in the Oklahoma City Metro area like no other. Let us help you find your dream home because when you partner with Metro Mark, you get a partner throughout the entire process.